Marshmallow walls

When I began this journey into getting in shape, I kept getting told by everybody I’d run into a proverbial “wall”.

That point everyone reaches where your body and mind both tell you,” You’ve gone far enough, we’re done.”

You can’t see it, can’t touch it, but its there, holding you back.

You’re gasping for breath, your vision’s blurry and you feel like you’re about to collapse.

And then something happens, someone pushes you, just a bit a first, but you put one foot infront of the other. You push against that wall, that other person starts yelling,” Come on! You can do it! Just a little further!”

And then you’re off, and you realize that other person pushing you on, cheering for you unseen. Is yourself.

The wall is daunting, it’s a tough force to over come, but you can do it. Just keep moving, and never accept the lie that is “You can’t”.


The Mountain and the Marshmallow

So it’s been awhile since I blogged last, life tends to be this big distraction when you’re trying to pick up hobbies.

In my absence, this marshmallow learned a very valuable lesson.

Hiking and jogging are two very different things.

Just because you can jog for awhile, does not mean you can also climb a mountainside!

You need to work on both or focus on one or the other, don’t get discouraged though! There is nothing more boosting than to stand gasping and smiling proudly on top of the giant rock you just bested!

Marshmallow fought the mountain, and the marshmallow kicked butt!

Battle of Marshmallows

So in a previous blog I stated “My cramps are too bad” as nothing more than an excuse to not exercise.

I would like to amend this statement.

Cramps are indeed more than an excuse. I went to go jogging thinking I was going to just ignore them.

Mother Nature very quickly shook her finger and I found myself curled in a ball on the Gym floor before admitting defeat and heading off for a hot shower and chocolate.

Lesson of the day: Sometimes things that can be simple excuses, can also be legitimate reasons. Pay attention and your body will tell you which is which!

Small steps , big puffs!

I have come to discover that working out is not the 80’s montage I thought it would be, no matter how loudly and off key I sing ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

I have been jogging (I use the term extremely loosely) in total, about a week now when you add the days together. I go for about fifteen minutes every three days.

It’s hard, I whine like a three year old whom is having that cookie they want with held from them until they eat three more bites of yucky grown up food, and I push myself just enough that I work up a sweat but I don’t feel like I’m dying when I step off the treadmill.

Small steps, building muscle without hurting myself.

Even better, this short work out routine means I’m not losing gaming time! There’s not much change to my life at all except the warm feeling of knowing I achieved a small personal victory!

Marshmallows and vegetables

So the biggest thing I discovered my inner critic likes to throw at me all the time, is the flawless bodies of Hollywood stars and models in magazines.

There’s this enormous need for everyone to look like an ideal that, I’m sorry, but is impossible to accomplish unless you have the time to spend nearly seven hours a day working out, and if you actually are committed to living on nothing but health shakes.

Also, a great deal of photo shopping…

Look, we don’t have to look like they do on the big screen, because what’s on the big screen isn’t real. You are a real human being! You are beautiful for who you are!

I’m just as guilty when it comes to comparing myself to other people, but all that achieves is a sense of hopelessness and envy.

We are Marshmallows, we are meant to be light and fluffy!

So look at that reflection in the mirror, shoo away that intimidating and deflating Hollywood image, and tell yourself out loud how gorgeous you are!

I mean it! Look yourself in the mirror and say it out loud with me!

“I am a gorgeous, wonderful, unique, and incredible human being!”

Repeat that out loud, no matter how silly you feel, and watch what a difference it makes! Because it’s true 😀

Push, not squish!

Please do yourself a favor and don’t make eating healthier or exercising an enormous obligation, and do not push yourself harder than you need to.

My first try at getting in shape I strained the tendons above my knee caps and it set me back weeks while I hobbled about in pain. If you are like me and you’re trying to get healthier, start small. It’s all about building muscle first and getting into the habit!

Whether you follow my blog or not, I’ll be keeping up with tips, and motivation every other day!

Remember! We are beautiful Marshmallows, and we’re in this together!

Excuses of a Marshmallow

My daily list of excuses numbered:
“I don’t have time to work out.”
“I don’t feel good.”
“It’s too hot.”
“My period cramps are too bad.”

The key to successfully moving forward is to understand that you will always have to deal with that nagging little brat at the back of your mind going “You’re not good enough to pull this off.” “There will always be prettier people than you.” “You’re going to fail.”

Ignore this critic, ignoring this naysayer. Because that part of you is only as right as you let it be!

I'm a marshmallow, and I love you!


These letters are written to remind you just how much you matter, just how important you are, and just how beautiful the gift of life as a human is.